On my ski trip 14-21 January 2017 to Nauders in Austria, I finally broke my trusty old “Salomon Crossmax 10 L190” skis. I had bought them in March 2003 for the Stranda ski trip. So the Salomon skis lasted almost 14 years. The Salomons were already in a pretty bad shape, lots of deep scratches, the edges had been sharpened so many times, that there was no metal left, and the top lamination had started to peel off from the tails. So I had no pity of these skis any longer, and on an off-piste track I hit some pretty bad sharp rocks on one turn. First I didn’t think that anything bad had happened, but when I got back to piste, the skis did not hold very well on the turns, in fact they felt really terrible. It was only at the end of the piste down at the valley station that I took the skis off and checked the bases. The rocks had ripped the metallic edges totally off. These skis were done. But they did serve well for many years on many ski trips.

Salomon Crossmax 10 skis brand new in 2003

Luckily there was a ski rental shop next to the station, so I went there and rented skis. After some discussion they recommended I try the “Elan Amphibio 16 ti2 Fusion” skis, I rented them for the remainder of my trip. I really liked those skis and got to test them also at St. Anton for one day.

When I got back home to Finland, I noticed that a local ski shop Skigarage (Mankkaan Suksihuolto) was selling them for a good discount. I managed to buy a pair for 590 €, MSRP price was about 900 €. So on 2017-01-28 I bought the Elan skis. I expected them to last many years to come.

Elan Amphibio skis brand new in 2017
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